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Premium Butterfly Wall Lamp Light Luxury Bedside Warm Decoration Lighting

Premium Butterfly Wall Lamp Light Luxury Bedside Warm Decoration Lighting

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Exquisite Acrylic Pendant Light – a pinnacle of 5-star quality craftsmanship, designed to infuse your space with a premium and deluxe ambiance. Explore the refined product information below:

  • Shade Material: Crafted from High-Quality Acrylic, ensuring a deluxe aesthetic.
  • Certification: 3C Certified for unparalleled quality and state-of-the-art design.
  • Style: Modern and Simple, elevated to a level of pure sophistication.
  • Intelligence Type: A celebration of simplicity, offering a deluxe touch without unnecessary complexity.
  • Voltage: 220V (V) for a consistently premium illumination experience.
  • Lamp Holder Specifications: Meticulously detailed – a testament to precision and design excellence.
  • Average Service Life: An extraordinary 50,000 hours of luminosity, a mark of enduring quality.
  • Light Color Options: Choose between the enchanting Golden Butterfly or indulge in the versatile Three-Color Dimming for a truly aesthetic experience.

This pendant light is more than just a lighting fixture; it's a piece of art. Certified with 3C, it ensures a premium standard that meets the highest expectations. The golden butterfly and three-color dimming options offer a luxurious touch to your living spaces.

Illuminate your surroundings with our Exquisite Acrylic Pendant Light, where every detail reflects 5-star quality, premium design, and a deluxe aesthetic. Elevate your space with state-of-the-art lighting that transcends the ordinary, promising enduring beauty and sophistication. Choose excellence, choose a lighting experience that defines luxury.

Product information




Shade material





 modern and simple

Intelligence type

 no intelligence


 220V (V)

Lamp holder specifications

 see details

Average service life

 50000 (h)

Light color

 golden butterfly/three-color dimming


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Packing list:

Acrylic wall lamp*1

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