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Punch-free Creative Rotatable Kitchen Storage Rack

Punch-free Creative Rotatable Kitchen Storage Rack

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1. Rotate 360ᄚ, easy to take. Free rotation, the kitchen utensils you want, rotate in front of your eyes in one second
2. Vertical storage, ventilated and dry hanging spatula, soup spoon, etc., vertical storage, ventilated and drained
3. Invisible and compact, not occupying cabinet space, small size, only 10.5cm in diameter, and can be installed under the cabinet
4. Comes with self-adhesive, easy to install, ready-to-use, strong load-bearing

Installation Precautions:

1. Wipe the cabinet clean
2. Tear off the adhesive
3. Squeeze the adhesive forcefully to expel the air
4. Place the rotating hook. Note: Use it after standing for 24 hours

Self-adhesive, ready to use, stable weighing
Small and invisible, does not occupy cabinet space

Product information:
Product category: ordinary hook
material: plastic
Style: more than three rows of hooks
Colors: White, Black
Maximum load: 30kg

Packing list:
1*Storage rack