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The Ultimate Face Cleaner

The Ultimate Face Cleaner

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 Ultrasound: Using the principle of ultrasound, enter the skin's epidermis to remove surface grease and dirt while cleaning up waste impurities. 

Operation introduction:

1. Wipe the cleansing lotion or water on the skin. 

2. Press the “on/off” button to turn it on. At this time, the indicator light is on, and the shovel produces a “beep” vibration sound, indicating that the cleaning function is activated. 

3. Hold the machine with your hand and move the shovel (bending down) along the area to be cleaned. As the shovel comes into contact with the skin, the water splashes. (If the surface of the skin is not enough, you need to replenish it. water). The dirt, oil, etc. on the skin are derived from the skin with water droplets. 

4. Wipe the water off the skin with a cotton pad or a clean cloth. 

5. Press the “On/Off” button below to shut down.